RF skin tightening (nonsurgical)

RF skin tightening is machinery-aided treatment that stimulates collagen synthesis, tightens your skin and gives it a lifting effect. It’s painless and doesn’t require rehab.

How does RF skin tightening work?

RF skin tightening method is based on using radio frequencies on collagen fibers located deep inside your skin. Radio frequency radiation heats up and contracts collagen fibers. It also stimulates the fibroblasts (collagen-producing cells) to synthesize new collagen fibers. That makes skin denser, tightens it and smooths out wrinkles.

RF skin tightening therapy is done using a Xilia Stim RF machine (made in Italy).

Radio frequency therapy (RF skin tightening) modes of action:
• Restructuring the inner skin, activating fibroblasts and synthesizing new collagen
• Stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage
• Boosting lipolysis by heat-activating the vascular system and accelerating metabolism

Radio frequency therapy (RF skin tightening) effect:

• Accumulative body and face skin tightening
• Wrinkle smoothing
• Body recontouring
• Restoring skin turgor and elasticity
• Double chin correction

There are contraindications, expert advice is recommended.

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There are contraindications. Specialist consultation required
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