Psychotherapy is a method of restoring a person's mental health, which examines a patient comprehensively, studies his/her essence and uses an individualized approach in each case. Nowadays, there are many types of psychotherapy, and a psychiatrist/psychotherapist decides what method is most appropriate.

The purpose of psychotherapy is to help the patient identify and work through all the sources of problems that prevent a person from living happily and comfortably. At the same time, the doctor does not impose his or her point of view, but only helps the client to find ways to a harmonious existence, using different types and methods of psychotherapeutic techniques and strategies.

As a result of working with thoughts, beliefs and reactions, the structure of the "psychological me" changes. A person grows spiritually and mentally, abandons infantile behavioral strategies, switches from the patterns of behavior of parents, meaning that unconscious processes are transformed into a conscious choice to be controlled and changed to improve life.

Symptoms that may indicate the need for consultation with a psychotherapist include:

• Apathy, lack of desire for any active activity – a person hardly gets out of bed in the morning and even performs ordinary household actions with great difficulty
• Reduced level of performance against the background of chronic fatigue
• Sudden deterioration of mood – a person becomes uninterested in things and activities that previously attracted him or her, he or she becomes less sociable, closes himself/herself in, tries to leave the house less often
• Sudden change of emotional background
• Low self-esteem
• Unusual bodily sensations
• Constant emotional outbursts from tearfulness to aggression
• Sleep disorders
• Lack of concentration
• Panic attacks that start for no apparent reason at any time of the day
• Suicidal thoughts
• Uncontrolled eating and absolute lack of appetite
• Obsessive thoughts and actions.

Therapy outcomes

• Solving current problems or getting rid of the symptoms that led to psychotherapy
• Harmonization of relations with oneself and others
• Harmonization of personality
• Discovery of own resources and potentials
• An opportunity to enjoy each new day.


• A non-drug approach (at the request of the patient)
• The results and skills obtained remain with the patient forever; in the future the person understands himself/herself better and copes with difficult situations on his/her own.

You can make an appointment for a consultation with a psychotherapist by phone 8 800 500 02 03 or through the feedback form.

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