Beauty treatments and aesthetic medicine in LANTSET clinic

• Cosmetic injectables
- PRP therapy
- Mesotherapy for face, neck and décolleté areas
- Biorevitalization treatments for face, neck and décolleté areas
- Wrinkle filling and soft tissue augmentation
- Botulinum toxin therapy

• Instrumental beauty treatments
- HIFU treatments with an Ultraformer device
- Smas treatment and facial rejuvenation with an Ultraformer device
- Acne treatments
- Benign skin lesions removal
- Superficial and deep laser resurfacing
- Pigmentation treatments (lentigo, melasma, etc.)
- Vascular disease treatments
- Jet Peel treatments
- Photodynamic therapy (PDT)
- MOVEO laser hair removal

• Thread lift
• Acid peel
• Waxing (Skins)
• Aesthetic facial treatments using luxury class cosmetics

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