Cosmetic injectables are all treatments which use needles or cannulas.
The main modern innovation beauty treatments are biorevitalization, mesotherapy, contouring, botulinum toxin therapy, PRP therapy, etc.

Injections mean guaranteed delivery of any substances into the skin in the required amount, to the required place and as deep as needed.

On top of that, multiple skin punctures trigger a powerful response from the body, enlarging blood vessels and improving their permeability, activating fibroblasts and immunocompetent cells, biologically active substances release by mast cells, etc. All those processes accelerate and amplify the injected substance’s action.

Cosmetic injectables are recommended for:

• Removing skin aging signs such as flabbiness, laxity, unhealthy appearance, droopiness of facial skin and soft tissues, distortion of facial contours
• Removing skin defects: pigmented spots, post-surgery scars, acne, blackheads, consequences of poorly done beauty treatments
• Improving appearance: changing lip shape, defining cheekbones, chin and facial contours as a whole.
• Treating skin diseases and their consequences (rashes of various types)
• Hair treatment: fighting hair loss, brittle and dry hair.

There are contraindications, expert advice is recommended

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