Wrinkle filling and soft tissue augmentation

Various gel injections into the deep layers of the skin

Dermal fillers are gels of varying density and viscosity used to eliminate defects and fill a certain part of the face. Unlike Botox, it fills all the wrinkles and folds instead of freezing the muscles. That can be done to, for example, fill in the lips as well as to smooth out lines or wrinkles.

Problems fillers can solve:
• Eliminate bags under eyes or smile lines
• Smooth out wrinkles around the forehead and eyes
• Correct tear troughs
• Correct face asymmetry
• Correct cheek and cheekbone shape
• Correct thin or asymmetric lips
• Smooth out unpleasant scars or other defects

There are contraindications, expert advice is recommended

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There are contraindications. Specialist consultation required
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