Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries with a full rehabilitation course, 24-hour medical support, and patient confidentiality

• Two modern operation units
• Six VIP inpatient care wards (private and semiprivate)
• An in-house laboratory for fast preoperational testing
• Rehabilitation and recovery programs
• Personal manager support
• Absolute guest confidentiality



Operating room equipment enables complex hours-long operations and minimally invasive surgery using endoscopic appliances.

We use innovative surgical equipment, modern life support systems, high-tech materials and methods to achieve visible results with minimal tissue damage, shorten recovery period, minimize the risks of post-surgical complications, and ensure maximum safety for our patients.


• Face: face tuck-up, face lifting, forehead, face, and neck plastic surgery, upper and lower eyelid plastic surgery, temporal lifting, face lipofilling, face and neck liposuction, lip shape correction, cheiloplasty, auricles and earlobe correction, primary and repeated rhinoseptoplasty, and buccal fat extraction.

• Breast: mammoplasty, breast lift, delayed and single-stage breast reconstruction operations, breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

• Abdominal wall: liposuction, abdominoplasty, body lifting
• Hip/buttock: liposuction, lipofilling
• Limbs: liposuction, lipofilling
• Intimate plastic surgery
• Reparative and reconstructive surgery
• Benign neoplasm removal
• Scar correction

Vip палата


All wards in the clinic have modern design and a panoramic view on the embankment and pine park.

Each ward has:
• Medical staff call button
• Hospital bed with lifting mechanism
• Shower room with premium beauty cosmetics set
• Digital HD TV
• Split system
• High speed Wi-Fi
• Towels, bathrobe, and slippers

The clinic provides balanced Full Board signature dishes from healthy food restaurants. Besides, specialized Fresenius Kabi menu is offered to patients.

Accompanying persons can stay at the Primorye Grand Resort Hotel. The main building of the hotel is connected to the clinic by a warm covered passage.


The main contraindications to surgery include:
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding
• Beginning of the menstrual cycle (women)
• Malignant neoplastic process irrespective of its location
• Lower blood coagulability due to a genetic pathology or systematic use of anticoagulants
• Connective tissue diseases (scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus)
• High blood pressure
• Diabetes mellitus (decompensation stage)
• Diabetic angiopathy, diabetic retinopathy
• Thyroid pathology with disfunction (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism)
• Tuberculosis, other chronic infectious diseases
• Medical history with acute vascular events (stroke, heart attack)
• Internal organ chronic disease exacerbation
• Immunodeficiency.

To determine whether a patient has any contraindications to surgery, a medical preoperational testing is prescribed.

To get a consultation with a plastic surgeon, call 8 800 500 02 03 or contact us via the feedback form.

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