Otoplasty (correction of auricles) is a plastic surgery correcting congenital or acquired deformities of ears. Surgical manipulation helps correct ear position or shape, fix protruding ears, restore auricle after an injury. Such a surgery is performed both for aesthetic and medical reasons.


Depending on its complexity, the operation can be performed under local or general anesthesia.

During aesthetic surgery, the surgeon makes an incision on the back of the ear, where no scar can be seen. Cartilage tissues are fixed in the correct position and then stitches are applied. A bandage is placed on top of the ear. The operation takes about 30–60 minutes.

During a reconstructive surgery, the surgeon recreates the cartilage matrix from the material taken from a different part of the patient’s body. Between operation stages, a recovery period up to six months is required for the cartilage to take. After the shape of the ear is restored, the doctor corrects the lobe, pits, and other auricle details.

After the surgery, to minimize swelling and have a better effect, you should wear a special retentive bandage for some time.
Bruises and swelling usually completely disappear two weeks after otoplasty.
Correction of the auricle
Correction of the auricle


Personal manager. When a patient comes to the clinic, they get a personal plastic surgery manager. The manager supervises the patient from the moment of consultation with the doctor up until the operation: supports the patient during pretreatment for the operation, prepares all the necessary documents, solves issues about the preoperational period.

All in one place. All laboratory and clinical investigations as well as necessary consultations of specialist doctors take one or two days in the LANTSET clinic for the patient to complete.

On the appointed operation day, the patient comes to the inpatient unit of the clinic and is accommodated in a comfortable VIP ward. After the operation, the patient stays in the inpatient unit of the clinic for one or two days monitored by medical professionals. Upon discharge, the patient receives a discharge report with the dates and times of examinations, bandaging, and suture removal.


Otoplasty, like most operations, has such contraindications as blood coagulability problems, diabetes mellitus, oncological and severe diseases. Besides, the operation will have to be postponed if there is any untreated ear disease, swelling or hematoma of the auricle. To get detailed information, consult a plastic surgeon.


Age of 6+ or 7+. By this age, auricles have already formed completely. However, it is very important that the child is ready for surgery and motivated. Otherwise, it can become psychological stress.

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