At LANTSET, our healthcare professionals perform all types of intimate plastic surgery for women. The reasons for surgeries may be both dissatisfaction with the appearance of the intimate area and functional disorders during intimacy or urination.

The teamwork of plastic surgeons and the operating gynecologist helps us solve all issues about the intimate area aesthetic and improving its functions.


◾ Labia minora plastic surgery (labiaplasty) – Surgery on the labia minora is performed through liposuction if there is excess fat or surgical resection if there are excessive skin folds, wrinkles or dark edges. After the surgery, you may have a slight swelling. The sutures are bioresorbable. Healing takes a month, during which you should avoid having sex. After the operation, the labia minora take the final form in six months.

◾ Labia majora plastic surgery – During this operation, the patient’s labia majora get injections of her own fat tissue taken from another body part (lipofilling). Fat tissue is most often taken from the hips or abdomen, after that it is centrifuged, let to settle down, and then using a thin cannula injected into the tissue of the labia majora. After the surgery, you may experience moderate pain, swelling, a feeling of bursting, which will pass within a month. The sutures are usually bioresorbable.

◾ Plastic surgery of the vaginal walls – This operation is prescribed to the patient when she gets diagnosed with vaginal walls prolapse. In most cases, this happens to the anterior wall, usually at the same time the bladder and urethra are also involved.

The most common reason for this process is complicated childbirth in women over 40. However, prolapse is not always associated with childbirth: a common cause for it is intra-abdominal hypertension. It can develop due to neoplasms, prolonged constipation, intensive physical labor associated with carrying a lot of weight, including weightlifting, after uterus removal, if the vaginal wall is not properly secured.

There are two types of surgeries:
- Colporaphia (vagina reduction) when "extra" tissues in the vaginal walls are removed and defects are sutured.
- Colpoperineorrhaphy when the posterior vaginal wall is sutured and a surgery is performed on perineum muscles.

◾ Perineum scar revision. Often during childbirth, especially if the fetus was big, the labor was powerless or it was a natural birth of twins, a woman may have perineal tears. Sometimes the suture near the vaginal opening significantly narrows its diameter. Plastic surgeons cut out scars with a scalpel, laser or other special tools.

◾ Hymen reconstruction (hymenoplasty) – The operation allows you to reconstruct the hymen but it is only temporary since sutures dissolve after a few days. Thanks to this, no traces of surgery remain.

People use this surgery for a variety of reasons, moral or religious principles. In any case, to get this surgery, you should contact experienced specialists who will perform it quickly and accurately, minimizing risks of postoperational complications and reducing the recovery period.

To determine whether a patient has any contraindications to surgery, a medical preoperational testing is prescribed.

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