Over the years, a person’s face ages inevitably: stressed and less elastic skin, mimic wrinkles, hooded eyes, deeper nasolabial folds, jowls, and saggy lower jaw line, all this leads to facial contour losing its shape and looking less aesthetic. Neck becomes folded and wrinkly.

Aesthetic plastic surgery is an effective method of facial rejuvenation.
• Plastic surgery tackles the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS). It is its condition that gives the face a smooth and lean shape as well as makes the skin elastic.
• After the surgery, the upper layer of skin, hypodermic tendon layer, and muscles are lifted and fixed in a new position. The main incisions are hidden under the hair, and after surgery, the scars cannot be seen.
• Facial plastic surgery can be combined with forehead, eyelids, chin, or neck correction. Additionally, injections of fat tissue, lipofilling, can be done.

Facial plastic surgery has two types:

◾ Beautifying surgeries are aimed at improving proportions. They include nose correction, cheiloplasty, chin shape transformation, and temporal lifting. Most often, young women under 35 opt for beatification.
◾ Rejuvenating surgeries are aimed at face and neck rejuvenation. They include blepharoplasty, face and neck lift, and lipofilling. Such procedures are recommended for patients with signs of aging (over 40–45).

Redistribution of the volume of facial soft tissues during aging - the "triangle of youth"
Redistribution of the volume of facial soft tissues during aging - the "triangle of youth"


At LANTSET, healthcare professionals perform all types of aesthetic face surgeries:
• Face tuck-up, face lifting
• Forehead, face and neck plastic surgery
• Upper and lower eyelid plastic surgery
• Lip shape correction, cheiloplasty
• Temporal lifting
• Face lipofilling
• Face and neck liposuction
• Auricle and earlobe correction
• Primary and repeated rhinoseptoplasty
• Buccal fat extraction

Facial contour correction enables harmonious and natural rejuvenation of your face making it look relaxed and fresh.


• Personal manager. When a patient comes to the clinic, they get a personal plastic surgery manager. The manager supervises the patient from the moment of consultation with the doctor up until the operation: supports the patient during pretreatment for the operation, prepares all the necessary documents, solves issues about the preoperational period.

• All in one place. All laboratory and clinical investigations as well as necessary consultations of specialist doctors take one or two days in the LANTSET clinic for the patient to complete.

• On the appointed operation day, the patient comes to the inpatient unit of the clinic and is accommodated in a comfortable VIP ward. After the operation, the patient stays in the inpatient unit of the clinic for one or two days monitored by medical professionals. Upon discharge, the patient receives a discharge report with the dates and times of examinations, bandaging, and suture removal.


All wards in the clinic have modern design and a panoramic view on the embankment and pine park.
Each ward has:

• Medical staff call button
• Hospital bed with lifting mechanism
• Shower room with premium beauty cosmetics set
• Digital HD TV
• Split system
• High speed Wi-Fi
• Towels, bathrobe, and slippers
The clinic provides balanced Full Board signature dishes from healthy food restaurants. Besides, specialized Fresenius Kabi menu is offered to patients.
Accompanying persons can stay at the Primorye Grand Resort Hotel. The main building of the hotel is connected to the clinic by a warm covered passage.

To get a consultation with a plastic surgeon, call 8 800 500 02 03 or contact us via the feedback form.

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