At LANTSET, plastic surgeons provide a complex approach to operations called a combined surgery. This option is good for those who value their time and want to have less anesthesia and shorter rehabilitation period.

Full transformation after one single anesthesia.
This is faster, more efficient and cost-effective.


• One anesthesia for two or more operations
• One rehabilitation period After the operation, the patient receives comprehensive examinations and bandaging. Patients have only one post-surgery recovery period, when all swellings disappear, and restrictions are lifted.
• Cost-effective. Patients pay once for the surgery, anesthesia, clinic ward, compression underwear, preoperative tests, as well as transfer expenses.
• "All at once!" Comprehensive transformation, double and even triple result is perfect for those who desire to change and strive to see their new appearance in the mirror as soon as possible.
• Priceless time! Consultation, preparation for surgery, preoperational check-up, surgery, and rehabilitation: all this is only a one-time thing. No need to go through all this again because you will have the desired result from the first surgery!

Combined surgeries may also include gynecology and general surgery operations.

Combined operations in the LANCET clinic
Combined operations in the LANCET clinic


There are a lot of combinations of plastic surgeries. The plastic surgeon together with the patient chooses a plan based on the patient’s wishes and contraindications. The list of the most popular combinations includes:

• SMAS face lift + blepharoplasty
• SMAS face lift + platysmoplasty (corset neck plastic surgery)
• SMAS face lift + face lipofilling
• Forehead and middle zone endoscopic lifting + blepharoplasty
• Lower third lift + chin liposuction
• Rhinoplasty + platysmoplasty (neck plastic surgery)
• Rhinoplasty + chin liposuction
• Rhinoplasty + upper eyelid surgery
• Blepharoplasty + face lipofilling etc.

• Mammoplasty (augmentation/reduction, breast lift) + abdominoplasty
• Mammoplasty (augmentation/reduction, breast lift) + liposuction
• Abdominoplasty + liposuction
• Mammoplasty + lipomodeling
• Abdominoplasty + intimate plastic surgery
• Mammoplasty (augmentation/reduction, breast lift) + intimate plastic surgery
• Mammoplasty (augmentation/reduction, breast lift) + abdominoplasty + intimate plastic surgery etc.

Face and body:
• Liposuction + rhinoplasty
• Liposuction + facelift
• Liposuction + blepharoplasty
• Mammoplasty (augmentation/reduction, breast lift) + rhinoplasty
• Mammoplasty (augmentation/reduction, breast lift) + blepharoplasty
• Abdominoplasty + rhinoplasty
• Abdominoplasty + blepharoplasty
• Intimate plastic surgery + any type of surgery etc.

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Conducting a combined operation in the LANCET clinic
Conducting a combined operation in the LANCET clinic

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