Endoret PRGF PRP therapy

An innovative method for cellular rejuvenation and restoration of the skin

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP therapy) is a skin rejuvenation and restoration method using injection of own blood plasma rich in growth factors. Like bricks, growth factors build up a new frame of collagen and elastin fibers that makes the skin supple again. The treatment is suitable for any area of the face or body.

Unlike biorevitalization that supplies hyaluronic acid from the outside, PRP therapy stimulates skin’s own resources, boosting own collagen production, which is significantly more effective. Additionally, patient’s own plasma contains special proteins responsible for the skin’s own revitalization and improved elasticity.


• Flabby, sagging skin
• Photo aging and skin atrophy
• Dry skin, reduced turgor
• Sensitive skin prone to irritation
• Acne and pitted acne scars
• Seborrhoeic dermatitis
• Small and medium-sized wrinkles
• Dull skin
• Small and medium-sized wrinkles
• Droopy skin
• Hair loss (alopecia)
• Stretch marks reduction and elimination


Capable of producing large amounts of blood plasma rich in growth factors, hence the popularity of the complex treatments:

ENDORET PRGF treatment stimulates and accelerates regeneration and rejuvenation processes.

One of ENDORET technology’s advantages is short and convenient treatment schedule, with effect visible after the first session. All in all, it takes 3 session at 4-week long intervals.
You need 1 to 3 sessions a year to maintain the effect, depending on your skin type.

Endoret treatments prove extremely effective for hair loss in men and women:
• Solving the thinning or receding hair problem
• Strengthening follicles
• Improving hair structure
• Normalizing sebaceous glands function
• Curing seborrhea
• Eliminating brittle hair and split ends.

There are contraindications, expert advice is recommended.

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