Hair removal (waxing, laser)

SKIN'S hair removal

SKIN'S waxing is a true gift for those who don’t like the old, traditional ways to remove hair. The new method is 2 times quicker and more effective compared to sugaring or waxing hair removal. Your skin will be smooth up to 6 weeks!

SKIN`S is a professional line of polymer waxes that remove hair from large areas of the body, face, delicate skin areas and bikini line, along with supplementary products (lotions, gels, oils, powder).

All products are made of high-quality, natural components: aloe, peppermint, chamomile, marigold, John's-wort and other plant extracts. Unlike many other waxing products, SKIN'S line is free of rosin and other harmful substances.



No scalding. SKIN'S polymers operating temperature is as close as possible to natural body temperature. It’s comfortable for the client and prevents scalding or irritation
Non-invasive. Polymers envelop hairs but do not contact the skin which preserves its surface layer during hair removal and relieves pain significantly. After the treatment, your skin stays soft and hydrated
Perfect for challenging applications Removes even the shortest hairs (48+ hours after shaving) and ingrown hairs remaining after earlier hair removal treatments. Gently handles even the most sensitive or folliculitis-affected skin
Easy to remove. SKIN'S waxes are extremely pliable and soft, and can be removed easily from skin with a simple tug. Using them, beauty specialists will forget their professional maladies: sore back and joints
Fast action. Polymer hair removal treatment is 1.5-2 times faster than traditional methods. Even the most challenging treatment of deep bikini line will take 15 minutes at most

High efficiency. If you use SKIN'S regularly, you can keep your skin smooth up to 6 weeks!
Aesthetic appeal. A rich aroma and a supremely pleasant texture of polymer waxes are staples of SKIN'S innovative technologies. That aesthetic will not leave anyone cold.

MOVEO laser hair removal

Combines alexandrite and neodymium lasers in the same device.

Developers from DEKA (Italy) achieved a breakthrough in laser hair removal and attained perfection. Motus AX, the first-ever high-speed dynamic alexandrite laser in the world that uses an innovation technology, blurs the lines of the possible.

Beautiful woman legs with smooth white skin isolated white

Advantages of MOVEO

• Pain-free Its special patented mode works on follicles only, without damaging the skin. A contact cooling system integrated into its sapphire tip helps avoid any pain or adverse effects inherent to other hair removal devices. The patient goes through the treatment in maximum comfort, without any anesthesia
No risk. Moveo laser can remove hairs in the most delicate and sensitive areas: in armpits and deep in the bikini line, or on the face. The skin does not overheat during the treatment, so the risk of side effects is zero
• Fast action. Alexandrite laser with a Moveo arm can be as fast as currently possible. Treatment of the selected skin area is rhythmic and uniform. 10 seconds are needed to remove hairs from a 10x10 centimeters area. The full dynamic high-speed laser hair removal program that guarantees lasting results, takes 5-6 sessions

• The technology can be used on all skin phototypes, regardless of hair color or structure: the device removes all hair, save for gray ones
• The technology makes it possible to treat one area in several approaches
• The sapphire arm guarantees uniform results for the entire area of action
• The tip does not wear out; hairs do not stick to it during operation
• The treatment can be done in any season
• Hair removal is allowed both before and after sunbathing
• No rehab period is needed after the treatment
• The device removes both hairs and pigmented spots.

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