Benign skin lesions and broken capillaries removal

Benign skin lesions and broken capillaries may be caused by many factors, but all of them result in noticeable aesthetic discomfort, especially if they pop up on visible areas of the body.

Benign skin lesions include pigmented nevi (“moles”), papillomas, lipomas, fibromas, hemangiomas, warts, water warts, etc. Main indications for removal:
• High risk of malignancy. For example, moles that look “wrong” are asymmetric, with irregular edges, uneven coloring, fast-growing.
• Location where the mole is constantly at risk of injury or abrasion through contact with clothing.
• Location where the lesion is clearly visible and causes aesthetic discomfort.

Beauty surgeons of LANTSET clinic will help you efficiently remove broken capillaries or benign lesions.
Our clinic has advanced equipment that can remove defects from your skin, restoring its health and beauty.


The main cause for benign lesions is your skin cells growing and replicating out of control. The exact process of that is not known, but researchers believe several negative factors can be at fault:

• Repeated injuries on the same spot
• Family history
• Endocrine disorders
• Weakened immune system
• Various skin conditions
• Prolonged exposure to sunlight.


Benign lesions are not life-threatening; however, if a mole is growing or appears in a place where there’s an elevated risk of injury, it’s recommended you remove it. LANTSET clinic offers modern technologies that ensure great results:

Laser method: a minimally invasive treatment that involves treating the lesion or broken capillaries with lasers, without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue.
Radio wave method: broken capillaries or lesions are incised with high frequency radio waves.
Cryotherapy: lesions are treated with liquid nitrogen that freezes them. They fall off on their own after a certain time.

A beauty specialist will help you select the best method for you, based on the lesion type, size and location.

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