Thread lift

A microinvasive treatment using ONYX LIFT threads. Threads are inserted into subcutaneous tissues of the face.

Thread lift is a mesotherapy treatment involving a local puncture of the skin and insertion of metal or synthetic threads to tighten it in that area. Meso threads are made of hypoallergenic materials highly compatible with the human body. Threads responsible for the subcutaneous lift are as thin as a human hair.

Thread lift action concept: after being implanted, the thin threads form a subcutaneous frame that smooths out and tightens problem areas without leaving a trace. It improves facial contours, smooths out wrinkles and other imperfections of the skin. Thanks to notches on the threads, they remain firmly embedded in tissues, making the tightening effect more lasting and pronounced. The threads are invisible from the outside and can’t be felt by the patient.


• Wrinkling, including deep lines
• Pronounced smile lines
• Undefined facial contours, jowls
• Double chin
• Hooded upper eyelid
• Downturned mouth corners
• Cellulite (for threads implanted in the body)
• Flabby skin (arms, thighs).

Thread lift helps correct facial contours quickly and well, with no need for plastic surgery.


Thread lift is done under local anesthesia; the treatment lasts about 60 minutes. As any other treatment, thread lift has some contraindications, including inflammations, cancer and blood coagulation disorders.

There are contraindications, expert advice is recommended

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There are contraindications. Specialist consultation required
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