Family psychotherapy is a complex of psychotherapeutic methods and techniques that are aimed at improving relationships between family members, eliminating conflicts and related emotional disorders in family members.

Often, the "red flag" of family trouble is a child who is either constantly ill, or poorly studying, aggressive, lying or rude. Family counseling can be conducted with several family members, or individually.

The main goal of family psychotherapy is to correct relationships within the family, eliminate psychoemotional disorders that manifest in one or more of its members, return happiness and harmony to the family.

You may seek help from a family therapist if:

• There are crisis and conflict relations between spouses in the family, i.e., no mutual understanding, distrust, lies, frequent scandals, irritation from each other, alienation;
• One of the spouses cheated;
• Family members (including children) are going through a hard divorce;
• A partner has a personal crisis, somatic diseases or mental disorders that affect the mood of the whole family;
• Spouses experience disharmony in sexual relations;
• There is a conflict between spouses, siblings or different generations;
• Children or adolescents have problems with socialization, behavior, learning;
• A partner has passed away;
• The composition of the family has changed, it is difficult to adapt to these new conditions: a baby has appeared or a child has matured and started living independently;
• Someone in the family is experiencing anxiety, depression;
• Aggressive behavior prevails in the family or there are cases of violence;
• One of the spouses is infertile or has no desire to have children;
• Someone in the family is abusing drugs, alcohol or has other dangerous addictions;
• Parents/guardians have difficulties in raising adopted children.

Psychotherapist can assess the psychological climate in the family, and draw up a plan for further work. In the process of family therapy, the mechanisms of formation and organization of a specific family system are revealed. As result, the ways of interaction between all family members become obvious.

Family therapy may achieve sustainable long-term changes.

It has a positive effect on every member of the family:

• Gives active listening skills
• Helps to better feel each other's boundaries and effectively build their own
• Increases the level of trust within the family
• Helps to develop a strategy of behavior in conflict situations
• Teaches to express feelings and emotions openly.

You can make an appointment for a consultation with a psychotherapist by phone 8 800 500 02 03 or through the feedback form.

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