Psychotherapy for elderly patients utilizes low potent drugs in minimal dosages, or exclusively psychological techniques and methods, taking into account the age features of such people.

Even in elderly, progressive memory loss, sleep disorders, excessive tearfulness, unstable mood, resentment, thoughts of imminent death, irritability, anger, long-existing bad mood are NOT normal features.

The emotional state of elderly patients is affected by physical well-being. These can be both natural signs of aging, and the results of chronic diseases, surgeries, and serious stress.

At this age, there may be:

• Decrease in physical activity and working capacity
• Deterioration of cognitive functions, such as memory, attention, ability to perceive information, ability to plan, speech
• The need for rehabilitation after illness
• Exacerbation of chronic diseases and the emergence of new ones
• Sleep disturbance on the background of chronic pain or anxiety.

Older people feel that their role in society is changing, and this affects their psycho-emotional state.

The social features of retirement age include:
• Increased level of anxiety for any reason
• Reduction of social contacts, loneliness
• Lack of conditions for self-realization.

Work with a psychologist can help to adapt to a new life, accept patient's condition, establish relationships with others, and solve other socio-psychological problems of older people.

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