Facial cleansing (ultrasound or mechanical)

A popular and effective beauty treatment. With regular cleansing, your cell metabolism improves, your skin breathes easier, your complexion evens out, your pores get cleansed of sebum and dead cells, your skin becomes more toned, rejuvenated and looks better in general.

The treatment helps you overcome the following problems:
• Enlarged pores
• Acne
• Whiteheads
• Sebaceous gland hyperactivity
• Reduced turgor
• Dull complexion

Facial cleansing is extremely effective for solving oily and combined skin problems. Those with dry or normal skin would benefit from it too: it will help them keep their skin healthy.

Professional facial cleansing
Professional facial cleansing

LANTSET clinic offers the following facial cleansing types:

• Ultrasound (instrumental) cleansing: ultrasound waves act on the problem areas of the skin, pushing impurities to the surface.

- Ultrasound waves cleanse epidermis deep down
- The treatment is absolutely safe and non-invasive
- Cleansing does not cause skin inflammation and does not require rehab
- Ultrasound treatment causes low-frequency vibrations that massage the tissues.

• Holy Land automated cleansing: a multi-stage non-invasive skin cleansing with cosmeceutics that helps control acne, whiteheads and evens out complexion.
Suitable for dry, sensitive skin. Soft action makes it possible to use the treatment often (up to 2 times a month) which is important in combating problems such as acne.

Mechanical cleansing (manual): a beauty specialist cleanses skin manually during the treatment. A special metal spoon retrieves impurities from deep inside the derma.
Mechanical cleansing is recommended for those with problem or oily skin prone to blackheads, pimples and acne.
The choice of treatment depends largely on the skin type, its condition before the treatment and the desired result.

There are contraindications, expert advice is recommended

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