Biologique Recherche professional care products

Biologique Recherche professional care programs were developed for face, skin and décolleté area and can be easily customized for each patient’s individual needs.

When choosing substances and methods, beauty specialists of LANTSET clinic are, first of all, mindful of your current skin condition, its needs and characteristics.

• Damaged skin in the care area
• Allergies to the substance components
• Herpes
• Skin conditions
• Acute infectious diseases

Smoothing and filling (Soin Restructurant & Lissant)

Anti-stress care for face, neck and décolleté areas. The treatment uses smoothing massage and two-component Soin Restructurant et Lissant substance with Omega 3, 6 acids and natural hydrating and regenerating components.

Highly concentrated soothing and softening components combined with special chiropractic techniques provide deep hydration, even out complexion and have an excellent anti-stress effect. Perfect care for every season.

• Deep skin hydration and regeneration
• Improved skin turgor
• Smooth and even skin
• Restored protective hydrolipid skin layer
• Restored epidermis after aesthetic surgery

Еreatment duration: 60 min

 MC 110 toning (Soin MC 110)

Instantly smoothing, tightening and toning care. Based on МС 110 lotion. Thanks to its aquatic spongiform microorganism content, it smooths and fills small wrinkles instantly, evening out your skin texture. The cosmeceutical substance is massaged into your face, neck and décolleté area until your epidermis is fully saturated, focusing especially on the smile lines, eye and mouth contours, facial contours, and forehead.

• Toned and hydrated epidermis
• Smooth, unwrinkled skin
• Nutrient saturation
• Reduced pigmented spots
• Better complexion
• Hydration, toning, acne elimination

Еreatment duration: 60 min

 Lift (Soin Lift C.V.S.)

Intensive care focused on rejuvenating, regeneration and hydration of face, neck and décolleté areas. Based on modeling massage method and two-component Lift C.V.S. solution that includes plant extracts for hydration and protection, diatom powder, amino acids and other active substances.

The vegetable complex gently exfoliates the skin, restores its structure, intensively nourishes and fights aging. The massage technique corrects facial contours, tones up the skin, makes your eyes more expressive and provides a lasting lift effect. After the treatment, your skin looks smooth and nourished, radiant with health and beauty.

• Lasting lift effect
• Cleansed and toned skin
• Smooth and even skin
• Uniform, pretty complexion, reduced pigmentation.

Еreatment duration: 60 min

 Hydration and radiance (Soin Hydréclat)

The treatment is recommended for dull, poorly toned or sensitive skin, or as part of an important event preparation. Your skin becomes noticeably hydrated and radiant immediately after the treatment.

• Hydration of deep skin layers
• Radiance
• Smooth skin
• Nutrient saturation

Еreatment duration: 45 min

 Sensitive and rosacea-prone skin (Soin Biosensible)

Soothing care for sensitive and reaction-prone skin conditions. Softens facial, neck and décolleté skin, providing unmatched comfort. The treatment is focused on restoring natural balance in sensitive skin and strengthening the thin epidermis layer.

• Removes broken capillaries
• Soothes irritation and hyperemia accompanying sensitive skin conditions
• Hydrates deep skin layers
• Bleaches and evens out complexion

Еreatment duration: 60 min

 Integrated care: lift, hydration and radiance (Soin Integral Face. Lift CVS & Hydreclat)

Intensive lifting care combined with massage techniques for mature skin. Smooths, tones and improves skin; provides immediately visible hydration effect and radiance.

• Hydration of deep skin layers
• Smooth texture, wrinkle removal
• Radiant, healthy complexion
• Toned, defined facial contours

Еreatment duration: 90 min

 Personalized, skin condition-dependent care. Introduction to Biologique Recherche

Your introduction to Biologique Recherche starts with a special welcoming massage that provides deep lymphatic drainage and relaxes your facial muscles. Highly concentrated serums and masks selected specially for your skin literally enliven its every cell and restore its own vitality in all layers, detoxifying and giving a charge of energy. Our beauty specialist will also examine your skin in detail and help you select home care products.

• Personalized care for every skin type
• Hydrated skin, improved complexion
• Closed pores, sebum control
• Improved skin appearance and turgor

Еreatment duration: 45 min

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