The Most Important check-up

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A comprehensive health check up in two days.

Diseases only older people (over 55–60) used to suffer from are now more and more often diagnosed in younger patients (under 30).
Lack of physical activity, sedentary life, poor nutrition with a lot of fats and sugars but low in protein, as well as genetic predisposition harm people’s health step by step.

To prevent or slow down your body aging, we recommend our regular The Most Important check up program.

It is mainly aimed at spotting early or invisible signs of such dangerous diseases as:

• Cardiovascular pathologies: atherosclerosis, aneurysmal vascular changes and lipid metabolism disorders.
• Breast / prostate / lungs / brain oncological diseases.
• Signs of inflammatory diseases and dysfunction of internal organs.

Detecting problems at this stage of the examination helps you choose the right course of action and confirm the diagnosis with specific diagnostic methods.

You should check your health if:

• You are over 30 years old
• Your first-degree relatives have oncology, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, heart attack, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, or multiple sclerosis
• You have bad habits, such as drinking, smoking or overeating
• You suffer from chronic diseases or allergies of unknown etiology
• You have sleep disorders or insomnia
• You have chronic fatigue syndrome
• You are planning to have a baby
• You do sport and live actively

Check up program at LANTSET clinic – customer benefits:

• No lines: you will have your personal schedule.
• Quick test results thanks to an in-house laboratory.
• Experienced doctors consult patients.
• All tests are run on advanced diagnostic equipment.
• A personal manager supports each patient.
• Online support after examination and medical consultations in the clinic.

Stay safe and do not forget to check up regularly!


To enroll in the program, call 8 800 500 02 03, 8 929 833 24 06 or contact us via the feedback form.

Be healthy and feel great!

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