Outpatient Detox program

The basic program of body cleansing on the cellular level.
Regaining your energy balance and body defense mechanisms.

The program is aimed at cleansing liver, kidneys, intestines, blood, vessels, skin, lungs and lymph.
You will have an individual medical complex together with the southern climate and good care.


• Body intoxication (chronic fatigue, dull complexion, skin breakouts, allergies)
• Excess weight
• Frequent acute respiratory diseases and infections, tonsillitis
• Chronic diseases in remission
• Worse skin tone and elasticity, pastosity, wrinkles
• Sleep disturbances
• Physical and emotional exhaustion, apathy and lack of energy

The program result:

• Whole body comprehensive cleansing
• No more toxins and viruses in the intercellular space
• Restored beneficial microflora in the body
• Improved blood pressure, heart, liver, kidneys and intestines
• Weight loss, better body shape, no more swellings
• Better skin
• Corrected eating habits
• Improved and normalized metabolic processes
• Improved psychological and emotional state
• Boosted immune system
• All body reserves mobilized to combat chronic diseases
• Optimized work of all body systems: cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine


the period of acute chronic diseases; recent operations, stroke, heart attack; acute infectious diseases; gall stone and kidney stone diseases; varicose veins of the lower limbs; oncological diseases; tuberculosis; epilepsy; diabetes mellitus (insulin-dependent).

Program scope:

• A consultation with a dietitian to create a personalized cleansing program.
• Three procedures for hydrocolonotherapy.

Choose to look and feel great!

! NB:

during the program, you will have necessary examinations:
• Ultrasound of the abdomen (liver, gallbladder, bile passages, pancreas, spleen) and retroperitoneum (kidneys, adrenal glands)
• General analysis of feces (coprogram)
• Occult blood feces analysis
• Estimating the percentage of water, muscle and fat tissue by INBODY bioelectrical impedance analysis.

The patient can have necessary examinations at the Lantset clinic or provide earlier test results (not older than six months).

To enroll in the program, call 8 800 500 02 03, 8 929 833 24 06 or contact us via the feedback form.

Be healthy and feel great!

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