Protecting the Brain program

Оберегая мозг

Preventing cerebrovascular diseases
The program is 10 and 14 days long.

Brain diseases occur when there are lesions of large and small vessels. Depending on the cause, symptoms can appear suddenly and then emergency medical care will be required, or they may develop gradually and slowly harm your health.

This therapeutic program is designed to diagnose brain diseases as well as prevent new and stop acute or chronic disorders of cerebral blood flow.

What are these disorders?

Regular headache, head noises, dizziness, memory problems, increased fatigue, decreased productivity—these are the symptoms that may indicate a chronic cerebrovascular disease.
Lack of incoming oxygen and nutrients to the brain cells causes vascular diseases and vessel constriction, which can lead to hypoxia and neuron death, causing vascular dementia.


The first signs of vascular brain damage may appear already at a young and active working age. In this case, patients tend to ignore pains and do not go to doctors.

Early signs are:
• Difficulty focusing
• Memory problems
• Rapid fatigue
• Lower productivity
• Headaches
• Head noises
• Frequent dizziness
• Weather sensitivity

Signs of blood flow disorders may appear one after another. Patients often associate them with exhaustion because they believe it is too early for them to get sick.

Over time, due to negative factors, health deteriorates, daily performance gets worse, patients develop weather sensitivity and they tend to have bad temper. However, their health sometimes deteriorates unexpectedly. In such cases, we call it acute cerebrovascular accidents. How can we recognize typical vascular diseases?

Risk factors of brain cardiovascular diseases

• Cardiovascular diseases
• Atherosclerosis
• Hypertension
• Any type of diabetes mellitus
• Hypercholesterolemia
• Lack of physical activity
• Stress, psychological and emotional overload
• Frequent drinking of alcohol
• Smoking

Protecting the Brain program includes:

• Consultation with specialists
• Laboratory and instrumental diagnostics
• Medication
• Health improvement procedures
• Physiotherapy


To enroll in the program, call 8 800 500 02 03, 8 929 833 24 06 or contact us via the feedback form.

Be healthy and feel great!

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