Life After a Stroke program

Жизнь после инсульта

The program is 14 and 21 days long.

Life after a stroke is difficult: people have to learn how to sit, walk, talk and do basic everyday activities from scratch. And the earlier rehabilitation starts, the more chances there are for a successful recovery.

This program is designed for patients who had a stroke and need to regain body functions lost due to the disease. A complex of therapeutic measures was prepared for the early and late recovery period.

How long does rehabilitation after a stroke take?
The recovery period depends on multiple factors, to a greater degree on the patient’s initial condition and the disease severity. Rehabilitation measures are conducted at any time after the stroke. During this time, the lost body functions are regained if it is possible. Then, we maintain the patient's condition and take preventive measures.

Life After a Stroke program is:

• A personalized rehabilitation course: medication, physiotherapy, massage, training on exercise machines and in the gym
• Prevention of post-stroke dementia
• Improvement of the life quality
• Improvement of body adaptation capability
• Diagnostics and study of severity of paresis, paralysis and speech disorders
• Correction of support and walking motor functions as well as hand movements
• Improvement of cognitive functions (memory, attention, psychological and emotional state)

The program aims at:

Restoring the patient's physical activity, their cognitive abilities and the ability to take care of themselves.
Specialists select exercises and techniques based on each patient's condition. Recovery after a stroke follows a program taking into account the severity of the patient’s condition, their age and coexisting diseases.


To enroll in the program, call 8 800 500 02 03, 8 929 833 24 06 or contact us via the feedback form.

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