The Amadeo simulator is a modern robotic complex for the development of fine motor skills of the hands.
It is actively used in neurorehabilitation and traumatology.

The device is indicated for patients with impaired fine motor skills of the distal upper extremities. This simulator is the only mechanized device for restoring active movements in the fingers. The device can work simultaneously with all fingers, sequentially or separately with each finger.

◾ Depending on the physical capabilities of the patient, the training mode can be active or passive.
◾ The complex makes an objective assessment of the isometric strength, the total range of movements, the presence of spasms, etc. The simulator is configured taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient and can record the progress of the treatment.
◾ The software of the Amadeo simulator includes game tasks that are aimed at achieving the goal, keeping the patient's attention, and also increasing his/her motivation.


• The simulator provides early rehabilitation, especially in patients with severe pathologies
• The physician and the patient can see which muscles are active at the moment of the exercise despite the fact that there are no visible movements
• Improving the coordination of antagonist muscles in stroke patients
• The earlier active rehabilitation begins, the faster the restoration of lost functions progresses.

Manufactured by Tyromotion (Austria)

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