Rehabilitation pool (hydrokinetic therapy)

Rehabilitation pool
Rehabilitation pool

Usually, swimming in the pool is perceived as a form of relaxation and entertainment. But for some people, swimming in the pool is an effective and sometimes necessary means of restoring health. The rehabilitation team of the LANTSET clinic uses in its work motor therapy in an aquatic environment, the so called hydrokinesotherapy.


• Training in an aquatic environment contribute to the unloading of the spine and joints.
• Water temperature, i.e., warm water, reduces muscle tension, relieves spasms and normalizes muscle tone, and also helps to reduce pain.
• Specialized therapeutic and physical training complexes, such as exercises with overcoming the resistance of the aquatic environment, actively train the muscular system, while the load on the joints is significantly reduced. Movements are performed in a larger range and the risk of injury is minimal.

The rehabilitation pool of the LANTSET clinic is equipped with Treadmill Water, an underwater treadmill with a counterflow function, an exercise bike and all the necessary equipment for balance therapy in the water. For non-mobile patients, there is a specialized chair for immersion in water.

A swimming pool for treatment and rehabilitation will be necessary for patients with the following diseases:

• Musculoskeletal system, including diseases of the spine, fractures, limb injuries, muscle and ligament damage, conditions after joint replacement. Training in the pool helps to restore motor activity and strengthen the muscular core.
• Neurological diseases of various etiologies, as well as conditions after traumatic brain injuries and strokes.
• Disorders of the endocrine system, which are characterized by increased body weight.
• Diseases of the cardiovascular system, migraines and vegetative-vascular dystonia. Swimming promotes active ventilation of the lungs, which in turn stimulates blood circulation, increases the level of oxygen in the blood.
• Behavioral and emotional disorders, anxiety, depression, neurosis, manifestations of chronic fatigue syndrome.

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