SMAS facelift using ULTRAFORMER device

Body and face skin lifting, lipolysis, skin rejuvenation, new collagen generation Skin tightening using high-frequency ultrasound waves.

NONSURGICAL face and neck rejuvenation

Total rejuvenation after 1 treatment
Total rejuvenation after 1 treatment

SMAS facelift with an Ultraformer device is a highly effective and reliable nonsurgical skin tightening method.

Ultraformer uses the HIFU (high-intensity ultrasound) technology that ensures deep tightening of the skin at the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) of the face and the body. The treatment is done with a cartridge system acting on skin layers at varying depths. The device’s action is based on triggering the coagulation process to remodel collagen.


A beauty therapist examines your skin and designs a bespoke rejuvenation program for you. After that, they use attachments to set up the depth US waves will act on. That heats up collagen and elastin fibers and destroys old and damaged cells.

As a result, your body sends signals to remodel and restore cells. Natural regeneration processes start: new collagen is being synthesized, promoting rejuvenated, tightened and smoother skin.

You can combine ultrasound lifting with other rejuvenation treatments if you want to: mesotherapy, bio revitalization or injectable fillers


• Facial contours restore and lift
• Skin tightens
• Blood circulation improves, producing own collagen and elastin
• Skin turgor improves; skin becomes denser
• Expression lines smooth out, deeper wrinkles on the forehead and neck and smile lines reduce
• Mouth corners and cheeks become tighter
• Double chin disappears or is significantly reduced
• One treatment per 3 or 4 months is enough

Local heat stimulates new collagen matrix synthesis. The matrix replaces itself in 3-4 months. The effects last for 18-24 months.


• The treatment is easy, comfortable and safe. It serves as a valid alternative for injections and surgery
• Ultraformer’s result is instantaneous and long-lasting
• No need for rehabilitation
• Can be done in any season

SMAS facelift shows results after the first session


• Skin aging
• Undefined facial contours, deep smile lines
• Hooded upper and droopy lower eyelids, excess skin around the eyes that makes you look tired
• Sagging cheeks, jowls
• Double chin
• Downturned mouth corners
• Loose skin on the neck and chest
• Scarring, pitted acne scars.

Ultraformer improves body shape, having a long-lasting effect on various body parts: stomach, including post-pregnancy, hips, buttocks and legs; flanks, back and waist; arms and armpits.


• Pregnancy and breast-feeding period.
• Metal implants in the treatment spot
• Pacemakers
• Dental implants, if they were installed less than six months ago
• A tendency to form keloid scars
• Intensive acne and other extensive inflammations
• Infectious diseases
• Epilepsy and other neuropsychiatric conditions
• Endocrine disorders
• Allergy flareups
• Chronic diseases in flareup periods

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