Facial massage

Facial massages are deservedly considered one of the foremost methods for maintaining a youthful look. They are focused on slowing down aging and eliminating defects.

Facial beauty massages stimulate blood and lymph flows and metabolism, improve gas exchange in tissues, restore skin turgor, help smooth out wrinkles and remove swelling. Recommended for all ages and skin types.


• Prevents new wrinkles and reduces old ones
• Shrinks pores
• Tightens facial contours
• Evens out complexion
• Restores moisture balance in cells, reduces puffiness
• Boosts cell regeneration and skin renewal
• Stimulates blood flow
• Saturates epidermis with nutrients.


The treatment is non-invasive and affordable, has very few contraindications. Gives an instantly visible effect that improves with each session. Can be combined with other beauty treatments.


Herpes, skin rash, flareups of infectious or viral diseases, dermatitis, skin damage, heightened or lowered intracranial pressure, rosacea, fragile capillaries, burns, peel treatments, blood disorders, cancer, blood coagulation disorders, flareups of chronic diseases.

The massage effect becomes noticeable after the first sessions. To make it last, however, a series of treatments are needed.

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