Здоровая спина пр

The program is 10 and 14 days long.
The spine is the stem of our body. A healthy back is the key to an active and healthy life.

This therapeutic complex is designed to help you recover from and prevent spine diseases as well as to train the core muscles of the back. The program is recommended for men and women regardless of age and fitness.

The program is recommended if you have:

• Stiff neck, shoulders and upper back because of working on the computer a lot
• Bad posture, scoliosis, dorsopathy, osteochondrosis, disc prolapse
• Lower back pain
• Tired, weak, stooped back
• Sedentary lifestyle (office work, car driving)
• Migraines, high or low blood pressure

The program aims at:

• Checking spine health
• Treating and preventing spine diseases
• Training core back muscles
• Developing the correct posture
• Strengthening back muscles
• Removing stiffness that causes pains
• Relaxing back muscles

The program result:

• Removed stiffness and pain in neck, shoulders, back and lower back
• Strong muscles and correct posture
• Better blood flow in the brain, and as a result, lower risk of brain vascular diseases
• Reduced headaches, dizziness, insomnia and memory disorders
• Better spine flexibility and joint mobility
• Light breathing due to diaphragm training
• Better overall health, physical state and sleep

Protecting the Brain program includes:

• Consultation with specialists
• Laboratory and instrumental diagnostics
• Medication
• Health improvement procedures
• Physiotherapy


To enroll in the program, call 8 800 500 02 03, 8 929 833 24 06 or contact us via the feedback form.

Be healthy and feel great!

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There are contraindications. Specialist consultation required
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