Training on simulators with visual feedback

Тренажерный зал Proxomed
Тренажерный зал Proxomed

The Proxomed simulator complex is a series of high-tech simulators for active therapy and medical rehabilitation.
In the rehabilitation process, doctors and trainers of the LANTSET clinic combine classical techniques with fitness capabilities.


◾ Proxomed simulators use a combination of hardware, software and intelligent technologies. Proxomed software tests the neuromuscular activity of the patient and translates the test results into individual training programs.
◾ Trainings are conducted using a visual feedback program, which ensures a safe and comfortable session. During the exercise, the patient's movements are fully controlled, preventing the possibility of overload or injury.


◾ Training on simulators is included in the complex of rehabilitation of patients with diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, neuromuscular diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Training on these simulators will be effective for healthy people and athletes as well.
◾ Each device allows patients to work out individual muscle groups in different modes (depending on the functionality of the patient) taking into account the requirements of biomechanics. Thanks to the presence just a few adjustments, the correct and ergonomic position on the simulator may be obtained.
◾ The intelligent system of simulators can evaluate the function of the cardiovascular system and the level of physical fitness of the patient, as well as cyclic cardio training.

The LANTSET clinic presents simulators for stretching/flexing the back and legs, rotation, side bending and a simulator for working out the upper extremities; all devices show high efficiency in the rehabilitation of patients with spinal diseases. Using simulators, exercises for the development of muscle strength, aerobic endurance as well as functional training can be performed.

A subscription system has been developed for the convenience of patients.

You can get detailed information on the services by phone 8 800 500 02 03 or via the feedback form.

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